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Cottagecore, often referred to as "farmcore" or "countrycore," is an aesthetic that romanticizes rural life, simplicity, and nature. It emerged strongly on platforms like Tumblr and TikTok in the late 2010s and 2020s. The aesthetic is heavily inspired by traditional agricultural life, combined with elements of nostalgia, sustainability, and an appreciation for the small and cozy.

Here are some things and items that are often associated with the cottagecore aesthetic:

  1. Clothing:

    • Long, flowing dresses, often in floral or gingham patterns.
    • Hand-knitted sweaters and cardigans.
    • Linen and natural fibers.
    • Bonnets, lace, and embroidered garments.
  2. Activities:

    • Baking, especially pies, bread, and other rustic dishes.
    • Gardening and tending to plants.
    • Reading classic literature in cozy nooks.
    • Foraging for wildflowers or mushrooms.
    • Handwriting letters.
    • Crafting, like knitting or embroidery.
  3. Home Decor:

    • Antique or vintage furniture.
    • Handmade quilts and blankets.
    • Dried flower arrangements.
    • Ceramic and pottery pieces.
    • Freshly picked bouquets.
    • Candlelight or soft lighting.
  4. Nature:

    • Woodlands, meadows, and pastoral landscapes.
    • Animal companions, especially farm animals like chickens, goats, and sheep.
    • Flowing streams and small ponds.
  5. Media:

    • Music that has a folksy or acoustic feel.
    • Classic novels, especially those with rural settings or themes.
    • Films and series that evoke a feeling of nostalgia and simplicity.
  6. Digital:

    • Aesthetically pleasing photographs of nature, gardens, and old-fashioned settings.
    • Art and illustrations featuring countryside landscapes and activities.
  7. Miscellaneous:

    • Picnics with gingham cloths and baskets.
    • Homemade jams and preserves.
    • Fairy tales and folklore.
    • Sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

It's important to note that while cottagecore idealizes rural life, it does so through a lens of fantasy and nostalgia. Many of those who enjoy the cottagecore aesthetic live in urban settings and may or may not have firsthand experience with true rural life. Like all aesthetics, cottagecore is a form of escapism and self-expression, allowing individuals to connect with an idealized, simpler way of life.

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